Discretionary hardship funding


Further and Higher Education 

The Discretionary Hardship fund can assist students who experience financial difficulty while at college.  Any award from this fund is non-repayable.  You can apply to the college for help with:

  • Rent / accommodation costs
  • Living costs
  • Childcare fees for part time higher education 

The fund is primarily used to help with rent / accommodation costs for students in financial hardship with no access to Housing Benefit / the housing element of Universal Credit.

Students can give specific information about their funding requests within the funding application.  Once submitted, students are automatically asked for documentary evidence specific to their circumstances however, additional information can be requested as part of the ongoing assessment process.

Awards are considered under the following criteria:  Documents required may include: Further information before applying: 

Registered student studying a certified course.

Must have have used some entitlement of all other available support such as student maintenance support (including living cost loan or bursary)

  • Proof of Student's Income
  • Proof of Partner's Income (if applicable)
  • Proof of Accommodation Costs / Tenancy Agreement
  • Bank Statements for all accounts for Student (and Partner) - 2 current months
  • Details of Household Income and Expenditure
  • Tax Credit Award Notice (2023/24) / Universal Credit Details (if applicable)
  • Payslips – 3 current months (if applicable)

HE students must also provide:

  • SAAS award letter
  • Student Loan Company Award Letter
  • Part-time students can apply
  • Students in receipt of the housing element of Universal Credit, are not eligible for an award from this fund

Please note that the Discretionary Hardship fund cannot help to fully cover a student's expenses while at college. It is the student's responsibility to cover any shortfall between income and expenses. The college receives a limited amount of Discretionary Hardship funding and awards are made on a first come first served basis.

  • UHI Inverness operates an online funding application
  • You will be invited to apply once offered an unconditional place on a course and funding opens
  • Documents requested can be emailed to funding.ic@uhi.ac.uk or handed into the Student Support Centre
  • Keep an eye on your Student Hub for further information about evidence you have provided
  • You will be notified of the decision about your award and details will be placed on your Student Hub