Student engagement


group of students on computers in Learning Resource Centre

UHI Inverness is committed to offering a great student experience, both within our campuses but also in the wider city of Inverness and the Highlands.

Our Quality Team work closely with the Highlands and Islands Students' Association (HISA) in Inverness to help you enjoy your time here as a student, but also to promote others opportunities you can get involved in, including volunteering or mentoring.

As a student at UHI Inverness, you are expected to invest time and effort to gain your qualification. Therefore, it is only right UHI Inverness meets your expectations and you have a positive and effective learning experience.

Only you can tell us how things really are in the classrooms and workshops, and we place huge value in your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Make your voice heard by:

  • Attending focus groups.
  • Attending course committee meetings.
  • Taking part in student surveys.
  • Attending HISA Inverness Student Representative Council meetings.
  • Sharing your ideas and suggestions for improvements with our Quality Team.

The Partnership Agreement

Student Partnership Agreement Logo

The Partnership Agreement sets our expectations and responsibilities for both staff and students at UHI Inverness. By clearly setting out these roles we encourage partnership working to continually improve all aspects of the student life. It is a tool used for discussion, improvement and quality enhancement.

Want to know more?

Contact our UHI Inverness Quality Team: