Dr Cristian Navarro Waggershauser


Picture of Cristian Navarro WaggershauserDr. Cristian Waggershauser is a wildlife ecologist with experience in large-scale ecological studies and monitoring through a combination of field molecular methods. He graduated from his PhD in 2022 at the University of Aberdeen having studied the diet and interactions of predators in the north-western region of the Cairngorms through DNA metabarcoding and camera traps.

Previously, Cristian was a research and field assistant at the James Hutton Institute where he studied the impacts of carcass provisioning on arthropod communities and carried out live-trapping of mountain hares in various remote sites. He holds an MSc in Ecology and Environmental Sustainability by the University of Aberdeen and a BSc in Biology by Universitat de Barcelona. Currently, his goals are to establish populations and biodiversity monitoring programs in terrestrial ecosystems through eDNA and camera traps.

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