Our researchers

Prof Bernd Hänfling content IBFC staff

Prof Bernd Hänfling

IBFC Director

Expertise: eDNA, population genetics, phylogeography, freshwater conservation

Dr Victoria Pritchard content IBFC staff

Dr Victoria Pritchard

Senior Researcher in Genomics

Expertise: conservation genetics, evolutionary genetics, bioinformatics.

Prof. Eric Verspoor content IBFC staff

Prof. Eric Verspoor

Senior Researcher in Fisheries Genetics

Expertise: Salmonid biology and management, population genetics, phylogeography.

Dr Barbara Morrissey content IBFC staff

Dr Barbara Morrissey

Researcher in Genetics

Expertise: Molecular ecology, methods development for molecular genetics.

Dr Euan Bowditch content IBFC staff

Dr Euan Bowditch

Researcher & Lecturer in Forestry and Social Ecology

Expertise: Forestry and integrated land management, social science methods, forest and tree health, nature and education.

Dr Andrew Duncan content IBFC staff

Dr Andrew Duncan

Researcher & Lecturer in Data Science

Expertise in: Network analysis, mathematical modelling, data visualisation, R and Shiny.

Dr Monika Maleszka-Ritchie content IBFC staff

Dr Monika Maleszka-Ritchie

Research Development Facilitator Researcher in Archaeology

Expertise in archaeology, heritage outreach and interpretation.

Dr Nathan P. Griffiths content IBFC staff

Dr Nathan P. Griffiths

Researcher in Environmental DNA

Expertise: Molecular ecology, freshwater ecology, environmental management and decision-making.

Dr Cristian Navarro Waggershauser content IBFC staff

Dr Cristian Navarro Waggershauser

Researcher in Wildlife Ecology

Expertise: Species interactions, population ecology, molecular ecology, camera trapping, wildlife management.

Dr Samantha Beck content IBFC staff

Dr Samantha Beck

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Global Research Fellow

Expertise: Evolutionary biology, genomics, conservation genetics.

Dr James Macdonald content IBFC staff

Dr James Macdonald

KTP Associate Product Development Engineer

Expertise: Engineering and technology

Dasha Svobodova content IBFC staff

Dasha Svobodova

Research Assistant

Expertise: Molecular genetics, water chemistry.

Charley Clark content IBFC staff

Charley Clark

Research Assistant

Expertise: Microbiology, laboratory skills and maintenance.

Matthew Curran content IBFC staff

Matthew Curran

Research Assistant & Lecturer in Environmental Science

Expertise: Knowledge exchange, freshwater biodiversity conservation, Scottish salmon management.

Gosia Pattison content IBFC staff

Gosia Pattison

Research & Innovation Support Administrator



Lydia McGill content student

Lydia McGill

PhD student

Project: Genomic analysis of population connectivity in the Scottish marine protected areas network to inform nature conservation.

Sunny Bradbury content student

Sunny Bradbury

PhD student

Project: The spatial scale of adaptive population differentiation in Atlantic salmon - local adaption in smolt migration.

Sam Jones content student

Sam Jones

PhD student

Project: Development of a robust, standardised protocol for monitoring the distribution, abundance, and ecology of the freshwater pearl mussel, M. margaritifera.

James Macarthur content student

James Macarthur

PhD student

Project: Investigating the impacts of beavers on migratory fish and conservation priority mammals.

Alanna-Jo McCallum content A-JMCC

Alanna-Jo McCallum

MRes student

Project: Exploring the microbiome in Scottish freshwater pearl mussels - a metabarcoding analysis using third generation nanopore sequencing.

Robert Jackson content student

Robert Jackson

MRes student

Project: Smolts through the system; a comprehensive investigation of salmon smolt migration through the Awe hydro scheme.


Research associates

Prof. Melanie Smith content IBFC Visiting Professor

Prof. Melanie Smith

Visiting Professor

Dr Hamish Moir content IBFC Senior Research Associate

Dr Hamish Moir

Senior Research Associate

External supervision content

External supervision

External supervision

External supervision

Andrada Opris

Supervisor name: Dr Bernd Hänfling

Home organisation: Napier University Edinburgh

Clare Collins

Supervisor name: Dr Bernd Hänfling

Home organisation: University of Hull

Ilgaz Cakim

Supervisor name: Dr Barbara Morrissey

Home organisation: UHI North, West and Hebrides

Matthew Lewis

Supervisor name: Dr Bernd Hänfling

Home organisation: John Moores University Liverpool

Precious Munyanduki

Supervisor name: Dr Euan Bowditch

Home organisation: University of Freetown and Venda in South Africa

Sara Peixoto

Supervisor name: Dr Bernd Hänfling

Home organisation: University of Hull

Victoria Ashley-Wheeler

Supervisor name: Dr Barbara Morrissey

Home organisation: Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).

Victoria Gillman

Supervisor name: Dr Victoria Pritchard

Home organisation: University of Aberdeen

Former UHI Inverness researchers content

Former UHI Inverness researchers

Former UHI Inverness researchers

  • Professor Melanie Smith (Vice Principal Academic and Research 20XX – 2023), now Research Director of the Atlantic Salmon Trust.
  • Dr Louise De Raad (Researcher 2013-2022), now Head of Research Scotland and Director of the Scottish Research & Demonstration Farm,
  • Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.
  • Silvia Ferreira Carvalho (Research Assistant 2018-2021), now Higher Scientific Officer at Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast.
  • Dr Agata Drywa (Researcher 2017-2020)
  • Dr Mark Coulson (Senior Researcher 2014-2019), now Science Advisor for Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.
  • Dr Elspeth Macdonald (Researcher 2013-2020)
Research alumni content

Research alumni

Research alumni

Dr. Antti Miettinen (PhD, University of Helsinki)

Genomic approaches to guide the conservation and management of wild Atlantic salmon

Award date: 2023

Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Pritchard

Asta Pavilionytė (MRes Archaeology)

Evaluating and reviewing the structure and public benefits realised by archaeological investigations undertaken as a consequence of major

road infrastructure development in Scotland

Award date: 2023

Supervisor Dr. Monika Maleszka-Ritchie

Dr. Stuart Bence (PhD)


Award date: 2023

Supervisor: Professor Melanie Smith

Dr Shraveena Venkatesh (PhD)

Environmental DNA metabarcoding for assessing benthic ecological status associated with salmon farming.

Award date: 2022

Supervisor Dr Barbara Morrissey/ Dr Victoria Pritchard

Dr Evan Roderick (PhD)

Fish counters what are they counting and what does it tell us?

Award date: 2021

Supervisor: Professor Eric Verspoor