Dr Bernd Hänfling


Director - Institute for Biodiversity and Freshwater Conservation


Dr Bernd Hänfling worked in the Department of Biological and Marine Sciences (DBMS) at the University of Hull (UoH) since 2002, first as a research fellow and later as an academic (latest as a Reader). His added responsibilities included roles as a Director of Postgraduate Studies and Programme Director for BSc Biology. Bernd has a broad interest in ecology and evolution but his primary expertise is the development and application of molecular tools for biodiversity and ecological research. He has over 20 years’ experience and a demonstrable track record as an expert in the field. Most recently he pioneered the development of environmental DNA (eDNA) approaches for the monitoring of fish communities. His achievements where recently acknowledged by the award of the prestigious Fellowship of the Freshwater Biological Association. He has provided academic leadership as a senior and founding member of the Evolutionary Biology group at UoH and at national level as a founding and steering group member of the UK-DNA Working Group, a think tank for translational research in the field of DNA based biomonitoring.  He also has extensive experience in working with stakeholder groups in Scotland, the UK and internationally to achieve excellent impact and knowledge transfer. 

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