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Mental Health Drop Ins

Mental Health Drop Ins

Mental Health Drop in  - Wellbeing Team

Mon to Fri 2pm – 4pm

A one-off 20 minute appointment with a member of the Wellbeing team, for students who may be experiencing emotional, psychological or mental health difficulties but are unsure of what, where or how to gain support and feel the need to talk to someone quickly

Available online or in person at the student support centre or online by emailing wellbeing.ic@uhi.ac.uk


What will happen during the appointment

Appointments are for 20 minutes with a member of the wellbeing team and you will work together to explore the issue(s) that are causing difficulty or distress and identify the most appropriate advice, guidance or signposting to support.  By the end of the appointment you will have a clear idea of the best next steps to take, which may include:

  • trying self-help resources via the bothy on Brightspace and online programmes such as Spectrum Life.
  • applying for support through the wellbeing team online referral form
  • support from within your academic team or wider UHI Inverness student support services
  • recommendation to make an appointment with your GP
  • advice and guidance about community-based support services

If you already know that you want to access support through the Wellbeing Team then you should complete the online referral form

We are aiming to provide a drop in service to our students, however please be aware if demand is high you may be asked to get in touch the following day or later in the week.

If our drop in appointments are all used up and you would like to speak to someone you can contact  the 24/7 counselling service from Spectrum Life by calling 0800 031 8227, texting ‘Hi’ to 07418 360780 via WhatsApp or SMS, or by following this link: Spectrum.Life.

mental health daily drop in with the wellbeing team. monday to friday 2pm to 4pm online or at the student services centre


We incorporate counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, mental health support and psychoeducational workshops into our support.

We offer specialist wellbeing support online, in person or via telephone for any student experiencing significant or enduring difficulties. We know that every student has individual needs, so we offer a flexible programme. Download our UHI Wellbeing Leaflet for more information.

We regularly liaise with external services (such as local NHS hospitals and community teams) to ensure students are able to access appropriate choices, and liaise so that impact on studies is minimised.

Our service provides a supportive pathway with a stepped care model; this means that you can access help quickly and get the most effective style for your needs.

Email us at wellbeing.ic@uhi.ac.uk to register or ask any questions. You can complete our online registration form or you can download wellbeing registration 23.24 accessible . You can also complete papercopies on campus via the bothy or the student services centre.

We also offer something called One at a Time Therapy (OaaT); the model is designed so that students can fill out one simple form and be seen by a team member. One at a Time Therapy is designed to address students presenting concerns within one session. This appointment is usually sufficient for many students.

This is also the entry-point to our other services.

Should a student present with more complex needs. We offer longer-term person centred counselling over a few weeks or months, should this be appropriate.

The Wellbeing Team takes data privacy seriously. This privacy policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use personal information, and how you can exercise your privacy rights. We recommend that you read this privacy statement wellbeing team 23.24 full to ensure you are informed.

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