Online Enrolment FAQs


Who is eligible to enrol online?

Online enrolment is available to all students studying at UHI Inverness and the wider UHI partnership.

Why do I have to re-enrol every year?

All students are required to re-enrol annually. If you do not enrol your student rights such as library and IT) will be revoked. By enrolling on-line you have control over the accuracy of your own data, it also reduces queuing to enrol in person at the start of term.

Why do you ask for so any personal details?

We ask only for information that we are required to collect by law or that we need to collect for our statutory returns and/or funding purposes. Your data is always held in a secure location and is mostly used to determine funding information for you, to ensure we meet your needs or to return statistical information about the student population.

Access and when to complete on-line enrolment

When can I enrol online?

You will be sent information by email to your student email address and/or personal email address advising of when online enrolment is available.

How do I enrol online?

Please visit Learning and Information Services (LIS) - Setting up your UHI account and follow the instructions.

Ensure you can access your email account. Go to and login with your ID ending ‘’ (e.g. and use the password you have been sent if you are a new student. If you are a returning student, your login and password are unchanged from last year.

Set up multi-factor authentication if you haven't already done so.

Log into UHI Records to enrol online with your ID ending '' (eg UHI Records can be found at using your student ID and password provided to you by email. If you are a returning student, your login and password are unchanged from last year.

This will access your 'Student Hub' screen and you will see an option for the current academic year - Online enrolment for students' under the ‘Enrolment Status, Information To Do' list. Please select this and review and update your details. If your personal details are correct, there is no need to make any changes to the text. This should take approximately five minutes.

You will have a green tick under 'Enrolled' when you have successfully completed the online enrolment.

What happens if I cannot log into UHI Records?

If you experience any IT issues logging into your student account, please visit LIS - UHI, to access live chat support, or Login ( to 'log a call' (report your issue) via UniDesk, or email

What happens if I log in but cannot see the link to enrol online?

Once you log into UHI Records you should see a link to enrol online on the student hub and under the 'Enrolment Status, Information To Do' section. If you cannot see this please contact Student Records Team at quoting your student number and advising that you cannot see the link to enrol online.

Can I request a paper copy of the enrolment form to complete instead?

Generally no. We understand sometimes that it may be difficult for some people to complete forms online. If this is the case, you can contact the Student Services Team, where someone is available to help support you in person, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm, or alternatively email

When I log in, I am asked to confirm my course but I am not sure which one I should choose?

On logging in, please ensure that you pick the course on which you are planning to enrol and click the "Select for Session" button. If you are undertaking more than one course, please complete the enrolment process for all courses in the pick list.

On-line enrolment questions

What if my course details are not correct?

On the first enrolment screen you will be presented with details of what the system thinks is your current course.  If any of the details presented on this screen are not correct, contact the Student Records Team at

What is my “Highest qualification on entry”?

This is the highest qualification you had before you started your course.

What is my occupation?

If you are under 21, please give the occupation of your parent/carer who earns the most. If they are retired or unemployed, give their most recent occupation. If you are 21 or over, please give your own occupation.

We realise that not all occupations are available on this drop down box; unfortunately this is something over which we have no control. Occupation details are dictated to us by census data and returned to Statutory Bodies to whom we are obliged under law to provide this information. If you cannot find your exact occupation please choose something as close to your actual occupation as you can.

I don't know my Scottish Candidate number.

It would be helpful if you know your Scottish Candidate number; however, if you are unsure please leave this blank. This is only relevant to Scottish students, if you are an international student or from outside Scotland it will be unlikely that you have a Scottish Candidate Number.

What is a dependant?

A dependant is someone who relies on you for support, aid, or financial assistance.

What sort of publicity might my details be used for?

The only personal details that UHI Inverness will release regarding students is names of graduates. If you do not want your name released to the news media when you graduate please tick the appropriate box.

What if I am not sure who is paying for my studies?

If you are a student studying for an HNC, HND or Degree and believe that SAAS will be covering your studies but they have not confirmed yet please enter SAAS for the meantime and we will contact SAAS who will confirm with us.

If the party who is paying for your studies is not included in the list you must insert the information is the apporpriate field on your online enrolment.


The declaration is an important section in your enrolment with UHI Inverness, as this acts as a contract between you and UHI Inverness.  If you have a problem with any of the terms used in the declaration please email You will not be allowed to finalise your enrolment until you have clicked to confirm that you have read and understood the details of the declaration.

What if I receive an error message and cannot complete the enrolment?

If at any point you get an error message stating please check back over the form as it will highlight the question/s that has an error. If you cannot clear this error please contact and a member of staff will help talk you though the data that is expected.

After completing on-line enrolment

Why is module selection a separate activity?

Online module selection is only available currently for UHI degree students. If you have not yet made your choices, once you finish enrolment, please go back to the Student Hub and click on ‘Module Selection’.

What happens if I complete online enrolment over the summer break then I am unable to start my studies/change my mind about studying at UHI Inverness?

If you have enrolled online but can no longer take/no longer want your place please email ensuring you include your student ID number.