Tech ready


You'll be using lots of different digital tools and systems as a student with us.

The following information will help you prepare for starting your studies.

We have also listed some of the main services you'll be using when you start with us.

Getting ready to start your studies:

Set up your UHI account content

Set up your UHI account

Set up your UHI account

You will set up your UHI account when you enrol online.

Before you start, you will receive an email from us inviting you to enrol online.

This will include your student identification number and a temporary password, along with instructions about how to set up your account.

Your email address will be your [student identification number] e.g.

You are now ready to set up your UHI account

Go to Outlook and login with your ID ending, as above, and use the temporary password you have been given.

You will then be asked to set up Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

Once you set up MFA you'll be asked to change your password.

Multifactor authentication and making your password secure content

Multifactor authentication and making your password secure

Multifactor authentication and making your password secure

Staying safe online

Make your password secure

Passwords should be at least 12 characters and use a a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters (~! @#$%^&*_-+=`\(){}[];"'<>,.?/)

There are a number of ways to come up with a password: take 3 or 4 words you
wouldn't normally associate with yourself e.g. Drainage@teletubbY4GOAT$ or take
a string of words you can remember and turn them into a password e.g. the quick
brown fox jumps over the lazy dog becomes tQ8fj@tLD

Do not write your password down.

Test your password strength

Sign up to the password self service portal

Multifactor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication to verify the user's identity for a login or other transaction.

Ir reduces the risks associated with compromised passwords by providing an additional layer of security to protect personal information.

You must set up multi-factor authentiation. You can do this in two ways, although we recomment you do both for emergencies.

  • Authenticator app
  • Text message

Find out more about multi-factor authentication.

Find out more about staying safe online.

What equipment do you need? content

What equipment do you need?

What equipment do you need?

If you are studying at home, you'll need a suitable device and a home broadband network to ensure a stable, consistent experience.

However, if you don't have your own device, please don't let this worry you.

We offer a laptop loan service on campus. Just visit the ICT helpdesk in the Learning Resource Centre at Inverness Campus. You can also access computers and printers on campus.

Microsoft Office 365 content

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Staff and students have free access to Microsoft Office, including:

  • Outlook
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • MS Forms
  • MS Teams

To log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account:

  • Visit
  • Click 'Sign In' in and enter your email address in the space provided. You email address should be in the following format: <your student number>, e.g.
  • Click 'Next'
  • Enter your password and click 'Sign in'

Find out more about microsoft office home use

Other software is available to install on a personal device, more information can be found here

When using a University device (laptop or desktop) you can find additional software that can be downloaded to the device in the "Company Portal", this is available from the start menu.

Email content



Once you've set up your UHI account, you can access email via MyDay, our student portal.

You can also access email remotely.

Wi-Fi content



On campus you can access wi-fi via Eduroam.

Login using your student identification number e.g. and password.

The following steps will allow simple connectivity to Eduroam on your smartphone while on campus.

  • Go to your app store and search “Eduroam”
  • Select and download “Get Eduroam”
  • Once downloaded, switch on your Wi-Fi for your mobile device
  • Open Get Eduroam
  • You will be presented with a search box, enter “UHI”

GetEdroam search page

  • You will now be presented with a login screen. Enter your UHI your ID in the style of ‘’ and regular network password.(If the connection fails, please check your ID and password are correct)

GetEdruoam search

  • Provided you entered the correct userID and password. You will then be displayed with a success message and your device will be automatically connected to Eduroam.

Successful set up and login for Eduroam

Accessing Wi-Fi on your laptop or chromebook on campus?

Our guide provides you with information on how to set this up.

Accessing services content

Accessing services

Accessing services

You will use your student identification number as a username to login to many services, the format of your username will be slightly different depending on the service you access.

The below list shows the various formats you should use for accessing our services.

ServiceUsername Format
Student ID 12340000
Computer Login 12340000
UHI Records
Outlook (Email/Webmail)
Libraries Resources

At your student induction, and in the first few weeks, you'll be introduced to our print services and various technologies, including:

MyDay, our student portal content

MyDay, our student portal

You can access the majority of systems you'll use through MyDay.

The tiles and layout in MyDay can be personalised, with the option to hide tiles you do not need. Just click on "Personalise" at the top. 

The "Campus Services" tile contains many UHI Inverness specific systems you'll use.

Some of the key tiles include:

You can find out more about common UHI technologies here.

You can also download the My Day app to your phone after you have registered.

Find out more about MyDay

Brightspace, your Virtual Learning Environment content

Brightspace, your Virtual Learning Environment

Learning is delivered in a variety of ways, depending on your course. It may be delivered completely face to face, blended (a combination of face to face and remote, timetabled classes) or online, where you study independently at a time of your choosing. 

We have been developing and delivering remote learning for over 20 years using a combination of video conferencing and inventive remote learning technologies. 

Remote and online learning takes place through our virtual learning environment, Brightspace. You will also find a link to Brightspace on MyDay. Your Personal Development Advisor (PDA) or Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) will introduce you to Brightspace when you start. Login using your user ID (student number) and password.

Brightspace provides access to course material, assignments, discussion boards and recorded sessions. It also includes information on support.

Further information and support on using Brightspace

Video conferencing content

Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Depending on the course, some of your classes may be delivered remotely via video conferencing.

You can find out more here. 

One Drive content

One Drive

One Drive

You should set up OneDrive for Students, which gives you 1TB of cloud storage for saving your documents. 

Printing content



Full information regarding printing at UHI is available here

Printers are available on campus. The first time you use any printer you will need to swipe your student identifiation card and enter your user name and password, when prompted. For any subsequent access you will just need to swipe your student identification card.

Unless your lecturer has arranged for print credit to be added to your account, you will have to pay for your printing. 

The following print costs can be found below:

  • A4 Single Sheet Mono - 4p
  • A4 Double Sided Sheet Mono - 6p
  • A4 Single Sided Colour - 12p
  • A4 Single Double Sided Colour - 18p
  • A3 Single Sheet Mono - 8p
  • A3 Double Sided Sheet Mono - 12p
  • A3 Single Sheet Mono - 22p
  • A3 Double Sided Sheet Mono - 33p

Top up your print credit

You can also top-up your account through MyDay.

  • Go to Myday
  • UHI Print tile
  • Then Add Print Credit
  • You can pay with cash, card or Google/Apple Pay.

If you are using your own laptop, you may need to download the PaperCut print management app first.

Each time you send a document to the printer, PaperCut will ask you to login with your student ID and password.

The printers can also scan and copy for you.

Where students purchase additional print credit, the following applies:

  1. The free print credit applied to any students has no refund value.
  2. We recommend that you only purchase the amount of credit that you require for your current need. We would also suggest that before you leave the University / College you run down your print credit to zero.
  3. In order to get any refund over £5 these must be requested within 90 days of leaving the University/College.
  4. Any unspent credit below £5 will be identified and donated to a charity nominated by Your Students' Association.

There's also lots of help and support for you when you start.

You can access our IT central guide at any time, and it will provide you with the latest information. We also have self study resources to help you.

Where to go for support content

Where to go for support

Where to go for support

If you have any questions, our friendly ICT team are here to help:

Log a ticket via our servicedesk


Telephone: 01463 273525

On campus: The ICT helpdesk in our Learning Resource Centre, Inverness Campus, is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.

This guide also provides information about what to do when something isn't working.

Need to brush up on your digital skills? content

Need to brush up on your digital skills?

Need to brush up on your digital skills?

Please don't be worried about your current level of digital skills. You can complete our digital skills audit, which will highlight any areas for improvement and provide you with links to self-study resources to help you. For an in-depth diagnostic tool to help develop a digital skill learning plan, we offer the JISC Discovery Tool, which also gives activities and learning resources for self-study.

Students who would like support to progress their ICT skills can work with our Learning Technologist (see below) as part of our pre-start programme of events and during their studies.

Learn Tech Lab content

Learn Tech Lab

Learn Tech Lab

Once you start with us, extra help is also available from our Learning Technologist and other support staff. Our Learning Technologist can help you update the ICT skills needed for your studies or train you in the use of assistive technology to support your needs. Students can check The Bothy’s calendar of events on Brightspace for Learn Tech Support drop-in times, held within The Bothy or in the Learn Tech Lab (Room 244 at UHI Inverness, 1 Inverness Campus). 1-1 appointments can also be arranged at a time that suits you best on campus or online, by e-mailing